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Most importantly of all for this character: Katai has some pretty hefty abandonment issues.

She's always been scared of being left alone - comes from the first years of her life, when there was quite literally no one and nothing to talk to, and all the universe to search for the faint hope that SOMEONE was out there...

It got a little worse as years went on - the living never like Death goddesses much, and with dead, it's hard for her to tell how much she's influencing them.

After the disaster with her demon prince (See the journal below) it got worse. 

Katai has always liked teasing; she liked flirting, too - and she could sometimes be just a tiny bit sadistic when mad at you. But most of it was innocent, back then - honest laughs, honest pleasure, and an honest desire (need) to prove everything anyone ever thought about Death wrong.

Since then, it's become more about pushing people away. Katai flirts and has one night stands, because she's scared of letting anyone into her heart; and yet, once they're so close, she's even more scared to let them away. Flirting has always been her way to keep things constantly in balance; the only ones she willingly lets in fully are those she's convinced, deep down, will hurt her, thereby reaffirming the rightness of everything she's done. (Even gods aren't immune to psychology!)

Recently, she's started to feel more lonely... Too much time in the mortal realm, too much time seeing families, and hanging around happy couples; she's started talking about getting a permanent consort... but it's not so much that she's letting people in yet.

She'll flirt; sleep with; and even keep you around the next day... but going from "consort," to "Love," will never be easy with Katai; she's too scared of losing someone.
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