Oct. 30th, 2011

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Alright - this is my attempt to write something more serious for this character - I'm not sure if it's what people had in mind when they asked me to do more serious plots.... it's certainly, at the very least, bound to be bigger than what they had in mind. (Hopefully not too big). I's also integral to her character.

Before I can go into it, however, I want to explain Katai's background. Some of this has shown up in tags, though not as much as I'd like, and never all in one place.   

Background )
More importantly… the current plot:
The veil – which Katai had thought properly blocked for another thousand years – is broken; Loresh's plant has been killed - a cutting, from which he would resprout, has been taken. With Life's last link to the world lost, only Death remains - and the veil is now ripping open as a result. Within days, if the balanced isn't restored, demonic armies will invade the lands.
Behind them will come the angels.
It’s not judgement day – not with her; there is no final deciding moment of the souls. Instead there is battle – eternal battle, between the angels and the demons, and any humans who want to join. Not eternal because it’s impossible to win – but because winning would automatically disrupt the balance, beyond repair.
The barrier between life and death would break utterly.
Life would be swept away, cease to be; existence – the multiverse, the entirety of creation - will come to an end; and if you’re very very lucky, perhaps it will be reborn again.
And if you’re not, the cycle will merely end.
So…anyone want to help her turn back a demonic army? :D


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