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(For RP purposes only - and yes, those userpics really do represent the majority of her wardrobe):

Katai is a flirt; a tease. She'll take you to her room if the conversation turns that way — but she doesn't actually care whether it does. She loves to make you uncomfortable as much or more as she loves having someone to warm her bed. And bed warmers are all she ever takes.

She's a brat. She laughs at your misfortune; celebrates anyone's success; drinks until she should be drunk, and then annoyingly walks home sober. If you play along with her, that's all you'll see. So long as you're near her side, she doesn't care what you think; she doesn't care about how emotionally close you think you've gotten to her.

But if you try to leave? That's when you'll notice the fear on her face; the flickers of worry and doubt as she reaches for you, afraid to actually stop you, afraid to give chase, but saying anything she thinks might persuade you to stay.

There's more to Katai than meets the eye; and whatever it is, she isn't going to give it up with ease.

Death never was much for giving up her secrets.


Long and short of it is, Katai is a death goddess - but while she does occasionally preside over human souls, it's more of a hobby than her real purpose. Katai's true job is to represent and preside over the death of the universe at large. As a result, she was born alongside the big bang - existing in the emptyness of space, all by her lonesome. IT was many, many long years before she finally came across Loresh, who represented the universe's life. The untold centuries of utter isolation formed the root of some fairly serious abandonment issues.

For those muses who keep up with their (totally mun-made) mythologies, here's a they may have heard before. It's not even remotely accurate, but it's well known on her world.

Mun and muse are 18+.

Not Katai. Not Najarra Townsend. RP purposes only.
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