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Katai sat in her chair, coughing faintly. Looking away from the young charges she was meant to be discussing things with.
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Most importantly of all for this character: Katai has some pretty hefty abandonment issues.

She's always been scared of being left alone - comes from the first years of her life, when there was quite literally no one and nothing to talk to, and all the universe to search for the faint hope that SOMEONE was out there...

It got a little worse as years went on - the living never like Death goddesses much, and with dead, it's hard for her to tell how much she's influencing them.

After the disaster with her demon prince (See the journal below) it got worse. 

Katai has always liked teasing; she liked flirting, too - and she could sometimes be just a tiny bit sadistic when mad at you. But most of it was innocent, back then - honest laughs, honest pleasure, and an honest desire (need) to prove everything anyone ever thought about Death wrong.

Since then, it's become more about pushing people away. Katai flirts and has one night stands, because she's scared of letting anyone into her heart; and yet, once they're so close, she's even more scared to let them away. Flirting has always been her way to keep things constantly in balance; the only ones she willingly lets in fully are those she's convinced, deep down, will hurt her, thereby reaffirming the rightness of everything she's done. (Even gods aren't immune to psychology!)

Recently, she's started to feel more lonely... Too much time in the mortal realm, too much time seeing families, and hanging around happy couples; she's started talking about getting a permanent consort... but it's not so much that she's letting people in yet.

She'll flirt; sleep with; and even keep you around the next day... but going from "consort," to "Love," will never be easy with Katai; she's too scared of losing someone.
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Alright - this is my attempt to write something more serious for this character - I'm not sure if it's what people had in mind when they asked me to do more serious plots.... it's certainly, at the very least, bound to be bigger than what they had in mind. (Hopefully not too big). I's also integral to her character.

Before I can go into it, however, I want to explain Katai's background. Some of this has shown up in tags, though not as much as I'd like, and never all in one place.   

Background )
More importantly… the current plot:
The veil – which Katai had thought properly blocked for another thousand years – is broken; Loresh's plant has been killed - a cutting, from which he would resprout, has been taken. With Life's last link to the world lost, only Death remains - and the veil is now ripping open as a result. Within days, if the balanced isn't restored, demonic armies will invade the lands.
Behind them will come the angels.
It’s not judgement day – not with her; there is no final deciding moment of the souls. Instead there is battle – eternal battle, between the angels and the demons, and any humans who want to join. Not eternal because it’s impossible to win – but because winning would automatically disrupt the balance, beyond repair.
The barrier between life and death would break utterly.
Life would be swept away, cease to be; existence – the multiverse, the entirety of creation - will come to an end; and if you’re very very lucky, perhaps it will be reborn again.
And if you’re not, the cycle will merely end.
So…anyone want to help her turn back a demonic army? :D
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You've reached Katai (or her mun.) Feel free to leave a comment, either IC or OOC. Particularly if you're one of her priestesses. :) (Or just PM me!)
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"Millenia ago, in the land of Katawia, their was a woman - the jewel of the world, with looks that could hardly bare to match the person within.

To the age of seventeen she lived in peace, and would have remained that way, if she had not caught the eye of Katora, the demon prince. He would watch her, from behind the veil, day in and day out, falling ever further in love as even his black heart was touched by the kindness she showed the world. And so he chose, on the day the veil was weakest, to slip through and into the world of the living so that he might woo her; and that is just what he did. At first, it worked brilliantly. His gold bought her father's approval, while the silver in his tongue won the heart of his lady.

But there was one thing he did not take into account - the hole he left remained. It was not long before the demons found the hole, and followed him through it, nor did it take them much time to track him to his home, and reveal his nature, causing him to flee from his horrified beloved as those who had once served him turned upon the world at large.

And so, seeing the chaos her husband's people were causing, she found him - not a hard task, for be was never far - and begged him to put a stop to it. For her sake, he complied, forcing the demons back through the hole.

Yet the hole itself remained, and it was not long before more demons appeared, and she begged her beloved to come to her aid once more.

The demon prince knew that he could not seal the hole forever, though, and so he sought the help of one who could - the goddess Katirie, guardian of death. Although generally removed from the world, she had no real desire to lose her subjects to the world of death, and had a soft spot for the young demon besides; and so she closed the hole.

Still, the goddess was uncertain. She did not want to leave her prince trapped on the other side, and so she left the barest of gaps - as the worlds made their regular turns, and came to their weakest point every thousand years, the walls could once more be breached, by the lowliest of ghosts or the greatest of demons alike, and so it would remain for centuries, the gap never quite closing, the world never quite safe.

It was not long before demon and girl alike discovered the truth, and he, begged by she, went to the goddess once more. She told him that he needed to do nothing but return, and she would seal the hole once more, so that only the greatest of gods or demons could pierce it once more; but the prince would not go. He refused to abandon his beloved, but rather hoped to appeal to her reason, by pointing out the trouble it would cause her. His attempts were doomed to failure, however, as the goddess - jealous and angry - chose a solution of her own. Rather than deal with it herself, she instead decided to let another balance the worlds and keep things going as they should.

So it was that the power of the spirit bridge was first created, and released to the cosmos, so that, of every generation, a precious few from all sentient species might be given the potential to be a spirit bridge, and, of those few, a precious little might - by receiving wounds of death - receive the powers that are their birth right.

She released that power, upon the girl's eightenth birthday, and watched as the young woman, overcome by her power's need for balance, turned upon her prince and forced him from his sight.

Still he would not return, and all three waited in deadlock, the goddess cold and unmoving, the prince forever wandering, refusing to return home, and the spirit bridge, forever guarding, never allowed to retire to the spirit world where she lays to rest so many others.

Separated from his people, his world, and even his god, the young prince began to fade as time went on. His once young features waned, his cheeks became waxen and wrinkled with age, his eyelids dropped and his lip did quiver, until nothing was left but a withered old man where once a young prince had stood; and it was only then that, abandoning his watching post from afar, he knocked upon his beloved's door and let her deal him the final blow.

So the first spirit bridge came to be, so did her reign come to end, and so has the power come to your hands. Whether you shall take it as the curse it was meant to be, or the blessing we have made it, is your choice and yours alone. But no matter your decision, remember always the moral of this tale - never abandon your kind for another."


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